• If you DON’T want a restrictive diet where you can only eat certain food groups!
  • If you HAVEN’T got will power!
  • If you HAVEN’T got time to exercise!
  • If you are just sick of diets that DON’T work

You have come to the right place!

If you are serious about losing weight…and…keeping it off forever, this will be the most important message you can ever read!

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A simple, scientific, proven, effective and long lasting solution to maintaining a naturally slim body!
Just use EASYACUSLIM the NO NEEDLE solution to weight loss for a 
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where ever you want – at home –at work – in the car – on the train.... in fact anywhere and lose all the fat you want.

Never be hungry – No calorie counting!

Make your body burn off fat even while you sleep!

If you are like most people who want to lose weight or your excess fat, the most common concern they face is that they cannot control their appetite!

  • Do you often feel like no matter how much you eat you are still hungry?
  • Do you find yourself eating at certain times through boredom?
  • Do you eat because of your emotions?
  • Do you eat to combat depression?
  • Do you eat to combat stress?
  • Do you find yourself comfort eating?

You have tried all the fad diets out there, read all the books, bought exercise equipment without the results you wanted!

You find it difficult to get rid of your fat even when you exercise and eat reasonably healthy!

Then you are not alone.

The answer to all your problems is NOW HERE!


Without having to go on a starvation diet.
Even if you haven’t got an ounce of will power.
Without the need to exercise all the time.

Are you embarrassed by the way you look? So, what are you going to do about it?

Take positive action today and get your own EASYACUSLIM.


Fat is literally burned away without effort. Now any overweight man or woman can lose weight and keep it off safely and easily. All without dieting and the emotional turmoil that goes with it.

In fact users of our product report:

  • Greater energy – stamina – vigour and vitality
  • Improved mood – feeling happier
  • Boost in confidence
  • Fewer cravings


When you go on a strict diet, your system simply slows down to compensate. Your body doesn’t know you’re trying to lose weight – it thinks your starving! Your metabolic rate slows down as well.

You then burn calories more slowly. And so it tries to hang on to fat and calories – We may live in the 21st century, but your body has not changed since the cavemen days, it is programmed for self-preservation and survival.

Your body is also programmed to give up muscle before fat if it thinks it is being starved. So a restrictive diet makes you heavier and flabbier than before you started.

This is just the thing you don’t want to happen. You want to burn fat not store it! Plus when you do eat a little more your reduced metabolism causes your body to store even more fat than it would do before you started your low calorie diet.

You don’t have to go through this torment any longer. There is a much better way. A clinically – scientifically proven way to burn your fat without feeling hungry. You just lose fat and regain your shape!

Just use EASYACUSLIM for a few minutes twice a day and you will never need to diet again !

Diets just don’t work!

So if dieting isn’t the answer to lasting weight loss . . .
what is?

The secret lies in working with your body chemistry and not against it.

Fortunately, modern scientific research has given us a solution, which is safe, phenomenally effective and permanent. And it’s a solution that even allows you to lose weight while you sleep. In one of the most important fat loss developments for decades!

This is not a fad diet. You will be re establishing your body chemistry to keep you lean & healthy.

Don’t take our word for it; see Testimonials at the end of this web site!

Major breakthrough to weight loss – the amazing EASYACUSLIM

Controls your appetite. Stimulates your metabolism.

Easy, safe, all natural, burn fat day and night - decreases appetite & food cravings.

Men and women no longer have to go through the deprivation and torment of restrictive weight–loss diets.

Use EASYACUSLIM to act on many different aspects of your body chemistry to help you safely lose weight and keep it off to regain your shape, feel energetic and regain your confidence.

You will be using the power of AURICULAR THERAPY WITHOUT needles.

The power of auricular therapy using EASYACUSLIM is based on the stimulation of acupuncture points located within the ear.

Auricular therapy has been recognized by the “World Health Organization” since 1990!

Auricular acupuncture is so powerful it has been successfully used since 1970 as treatment for patients addicted to cocaine and opium in Hong Kong.

Using the EASYACUSLIM product will be the easiest and most successful diet/weight loss program you have ever tried…. because it needs NO will power and is NOT reliant on if your body will be affected by the ingredients of a pill!

Using EASYACUSLIM is a proven way to “scientifically manipulate” the way your body burns fat.

I’m Not Hungry!

As you eat less from using EASYACUSLIM, your stomach will shrink in size, able to hold a fraction of the food it can hold today. So in a few weeks time you naturally will want to eat less even when you are NOT using EASYACUSLIM.

Combine this with having a higher metabolism than you had before, you will stay naturally thin.

Use EASYACUSLIM until you have lost all the weight you want…without fasting …without will power…. without hunger pangs.

By the time you have reached your ideal target weight your body will have been reprogrammed to keep you naturally thin.


The problem with diets and miracle pills is that they DON’T ADDRESS the problem of your natural body chemistry that has been changed over the years by your poor diet and way of life.

This is why you cannot lose the weight you want. They may work for a short time, but you cannot keep it up and the weight goes back on again usually with a bit more.

Unless you reprogram your brain and your stomach no diet or pill will ever work.

Pumping your body your body full of chemicals, or supplements, is not the answer to your weight concerns. For that matter, neither is food deprivation or excessive “watching” your calories and carbs.

Exercise is definitely a good thing – but you should not have to work out 6 or 7 days a week to lose and maintain your weight either!

EASYACUSLIM is the answer to your weight loss problems.

A natural healthy non-intrusive answer created by Mother Nature and made possible by modern technology.

This is not a diet.

EASYACUSLIM re-reprograms your body chemistry from the inside out. You actually very fast start to want to eat less food, feel less stress in your life and feel naturally happier. You will soon feel much healthier more confident, feel skinnier and feel like you are in control.

You will not over eat on junk food any more; you will not be hungry between meals and grabbing those crisps or sweets. You will not be stuffing your face until you feel fit to burst. YOU WILL BE IN CONTROL.

EASYACUSLIM will re-adjust your natural set point and your base metabolic rate so your body remains naturally slim without you having to think about what you eat or count calories.


Have you noticed that your weight has gone up to a certain level and stayed there? Or when you tried to diet and your weight has gone down to a certain weight and you cannot get any lower without starving yourself?

This is because of the human bodies natural set point, which controls your average weight.
If you have exercised everyday and have decreased your calorie intake but still don’t seem to lose body fat.
The fatter you have gotten over the years the higher your set point will have reached.

The internal set point control drives to maintain a particular level of body fat. The set point acts like a thermostat. And when you start to eat less food the body will lower the metabolic thermostat to try and maintain the stored fat because it thinks it is being starved.

EASYACUSLIM will re-adjust your body chemistry naturally to lower your set point so the fat just disappears without you trying.

EASYACUSLIM will drop any amount of weight you desire…without you having to worry about the types of foods, the amount of carbs or proteins or how many grams of fat you eat. And never have to take another diet pill or strange concoction ever!

Below is a photo of the EASYACUSLIM product, it is small enough to fit into your pocket.



  • Easy to use.
  • Safe and Effective.
  • Portable/Personal.
  • Non-invasive.
  • Convenient, use anywhere anytime.
  • Battery operated - Two 1.5v batteries.
  • CE approved to be used in the USA & UK.

Effective Weight Control With NO Needles Acupuncture.

EASYACUSLIM combines the ancient practice of acupuncture with 20th Century technology to offer safe natural and effective weight loss without interrupting your lifestyle.

For thousands of years acupuncture has proven itself to be an effective form of treatment, for a multitude of ailments including weight control.

Tens of thousands of people throughout the world have successfully been able to achieve and maintain their desired weight level with the use of acupuncture.

So how does acupuncture help with weight loss?

The ancient Chinese medicine works by targeting specific ‘points’ on the body that correspond with your emotions, stress levels, energy (or ‘qi’) and your physical body.

For weight loss, the acupuncturist inserts needle in the ear lobe on the points that govern the digestive systems and metabolism.

These acupuncture points work by getting your body to release feel-good endorphin chemicals in your body and re-adjusting your qi which in turn increases your metabolism so you burn more stored fat without any more effort.

Traditional needle acupuncture has always had its drawbacks:

  • Having to maintain regular appointments
  • People’s natural aversion to needles
  • Having to take time out of work or social time to visit a practitioner

With traditional acupuncture you would need to visit the practitioner twice a week for 8 to 12 weeks or more depending on how much weight you need to lose.

Most practitioners charge between $35.00 to $50.00 per session.

So you would be looking at a cost of more than $500.00 to use traditional acupuncture!

Now the revolutionary EASYACUSLIM allows you to conveniently enjoy all the benefits of acupuncture treatment for weight control without the use of needles and can be used anytime - anyplace.

Developed by a Chinese research team EASYACUSLIM allows you to lose and control weight by stimulating specific receptive regions or acupuncture points with mild controlled electronic pulses.

EASYACUSLIM does not penetrate the skin; instead electronic stimulation via the two small ear clips replaces the need for the traditionally used needles. Not only is this revolutionary technique more convenient, research shows it to be in most cases more effective than traditional needle acupuncture.

EASYACUSLIM now puts safe, effective weight control within your reach without the need to follow a restrictive diet or exhaustive exercise programs.

EASYACUSLIM is so easy to use, simply apply the two ear clips to the acupuncture points indicated in the instructions that comes with your product, adjust the electronic pulses to a comfortable level using the treatment control and carry on with your normal routine. EASYACUSLIM will do the rest. NO PAIN, JUST SOOTHING RELAXING PULSES!

EASYACUSLIM has been designed both in its application as well as its specific electronic output requirements for use in weight control.

Regular use will trigger the body’s natural defence system to minimize any withdrawal symptoms normally associated with weight loss.
Your desire to overeat will soon disappear.

Completely portable EASYACUSLIM has been designed for use by the general public and professionals alike to allow safe – natural – effective treatment whenever and wherever it may be needed as it runs on two 1.5v batteries.

EASYACUSLIM may also be used in conjunction with other weight loss programs.

      Lose weight now the natural way with EASYACUSLIM
                              NO Needles Acupuncture

Exercise assists in weight control, but the most important factor in weight loss is calorie intake, body fat utilization and metabolism.  

EASYACUSLIM assists in weight loss by lessening cravings for excess and incorrect food, lowering stress levels and assisting your body to adapt to lowered food intake while increasing your natural metabolism so you burn more fat.

This is effected by producing more relaxing endorphins, adjusting serotonin levels which have been found to be deficient in the obese, and stimulating vagal nerve control of the smooth muscle of the stomach wall.

                        So how does it work?

When the hypothalamus, at the base of the brain, senses a drop in blood sugar and fat, or for other reasons it sends hunger signals to the stomach by the way of the vagus nerve, it stimulates the stomach to set up a rhythm of contractions which send signals that you are hungry. 

What is important to note here is that the vagus nerve, which carries the signals to the stomach, has connections to the external ear.

That is why when EASYACUSLIM ear clips are connected to the two points on the ear and the electronic stimulation is used, it changes the signal from the hypothalamus and keeps your hunger under control.

It is important for you to understand that you ONLY need to use our product twice a day for few minutes each time. You DON’T need to use it any more than that for you to get the desired results.

Auricular therapy with the EASYACUSLIM unit works by suppressing the signals to the stomach from the brain and the contractions of your stomach and thus cancelling the signals to your brain that you are hungry or that you want to eat.

Other signals sent to the base section of your brain the hypothalamus also help to inhibit the excess production of digestive enzymes, this also stop you feeling hungry.

A reduction of output of the hormone insulin is also achieved. This also has a reducing effect on your appetite.  With insulin secretion reduced, the blood sugar levels stay more balanced. When your blood sugar levels are normal the hypothalamus relaxes and this stops the hunger messages being sent out.

Another result of auricular therapy is the production of more relaxing endorphins, adjusting the serotonin levels higher in your body.  Which reduces your stress levels, makes you naturally happier, which turn makes you eat less.

One role of serotonin is as a neurotransmitter, allowing numerous functions in the human body including the control of appetite, sleep, memory and learning, temperature regulation, mood, behavior, cardiovascular function, muscle contraction, endocrine regulation and depression.
The final point to note that is achieved with EASYACUSLIM and auricular therapy is that your natural metabolic rate will increase so that you naturally burn more fat.

All natural… with NO side effects!

Everything just outlined to you is totally natural and using the normal functions of the human body to re-establish your body chemistry to that of a naturally thin person. There is no danger of any side effects or problems.

Acupuncture has been used for 1000’s of years on millions of people.

There can be no argument that the natural power of acupuncture doesn’t work. It has been used all over the world for thousands of years.

Auricular therapy has been used for hundreds of years now, and is being used to treat people for many things without drugs, not just weight loss. If you are a smoker for example, you can also use our product on different points on the ear to stop you smoking.

In China they even perform open-heart surgery without any anesthetic just using the natural power of acupuncture to stop the patient feeling any pain.

So if something is so powerful to stop someone feeling pain during open-heart surgery – it can also stop you over eating!

New Technology allows for the same effect/results as acupuncture without using needles. NO PAIN AT ALL!

What does the product actually do?

The EASYACUSLIM product is a new generation of excellent health care unit developed based on physics, electorbiology, Chinese classical medicine and modern micro-electronic technology combined with years of clinical practice.

The low-frequency unit uses a microcomputer program to imitate and stimulate the natural electrical messages sent in the human body.  Acting directly on the effective acupoints of the human body.

The low-frequency stimulation has a much greater effect and results that traditional acupuncture, because of the repetition and frequency of the stimulation during the few minutes of actual use.

At the end of the day all you need to know is that it works! You will NOT fully appreciate how well it works until you have tried it yourself for a few weeks.

As the owner of the company and this web site, I can hand on heart tell you it is the only thing that has worked for me after many years of trying to lose weight. I love the product, and I know you will love it too when you have lost the weight. I hope you will write to me with your results and story.  (David Ryan)

The only reason it will not work for you – is if you don’t use it!

It’s nature at its best ….no drugs pills or potions can ever be as effective as the human software in your brain that controls your ability to lose weight.

If you are overweight you know how hard it is to lose weight.

But what if there was a natural way to stop all your cravings and make it easy to control what you eat and at the same time get your body to burn fat?


  • If you have read all the diet books!
  • If you have tried lots of diets!
  • If you have taken every diet pill going!
  • If you have no will power!
  • If you have Y0-Yoed for years!

If you haven’t found something that works for you – then your prayers have just been answered!

You will just be using the natural powers hidden in your brain to stop you over eating and make chemical changes in your stomach and digestive system to control your eating and make your body burn more fat naturally!

A study was done by Chinese doctors to determine the effectiveness of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation of specific auricular acupuncture points on appetite suppression.

Method - Sixty overweight subjects, randomly divided into an active and a control group, used the EASYACUSLIM device twice daily for four weeks. The active group attached the EASYACUSLIM to the acupuncture ear points shenmen and stomach, whereas the control group attached the device to their thumb where there are no acupuncture points.

Results - Of those who responded, 95% of the active group noticed suppression of appetite, whereas none of the control group noticed such a change.

Conclusion - Frequent stimulation of specific auricular acupuncture points is an effective method of appetite suppression, which leads to weight loss.

Acupuncture has been described as effective for weight loss although constant stimulation of acupuncture points seems to lose effect, making frequent, intermittent stimulation preferable. Acupuncture and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TCNS) have been shown to be more effective.  

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How did you hear about EasyAcuslim ?

To invest in your own personal EASYACUSLIM TODAY is only:

+ $7.50 Insured Post & Packing
Total = $97.50  

In fact investing in your own EASYACUSLIM will save you money, because using EASYACUSLIM you will be controlling your appetite and eating less food, so spending less money per day on food. So you have nothing to lose except your fat.

How much is it going to cost NOT to use EASYACUSLIM?

Of course you have the continued financial costs of eating to much food, but what about your health?

Being overweight dramatically increases your risk of having a heart attack or having a stroke or diabetes.

Which one of those do you want to get first? NONE then do something about your future health today!

CE approved for use in the USA & UK

Comes with 12 months manufactures guarantee!

You don’t need to use it forever… just until you have lost the weight you want. Your body will then have reprogrammed itself to keep you naturally thin.

Your brain is like a computer it runs on programs; right now you have a fat program running. EASYACUSLIM will reprogram you to the thin mode.

Medical Proof

A randomized control trial took place from February-April 2001 in Phoenix Arizona with twenty obese female health care workers (22- 42 years of age). All participants had a baseline body mass index of higher than 27.

All twenty females were placed on 2000-calorie per day diet and all walked for 15 minutes per day.

10 of the females had auricular acupuncture daily for 15 minutes for the 8-week period.

At the end of the 8-week period the 10 females who did not have acupuncture had an average weight loss of 3lbs.

The 10 females who had the acupuncture had an average weight loss of 10.3lbs. All 10 acupuncture participants (100%) reported a decrease in appetite and could say no to foods they couldn’t give up before. The weight loss in the acupuncture group was nearly 3 times greater than in the other group. This shows without any doubt that auricular acupuncture works.

This strictly controlled medically supervised test shows that acupuncture produces 3 times greater results in weight loss than just eating a calorie-controlled diet.

Hundreds of other tests have been done over the years in strict medical trials to prove that acupuncture works to treat many illnesses and conditions.



"Brilliant, thank you. Have lost 3 kg already."
 Edith Car men  Lavender Bay

"Thank you from my heart for your brilliant invention EASYACUSLIM! I can truly
recommend this treatment to all who are overweight. Life looks more bright for
Eric Dar vas San Diego

"EasyacuSlim stops the craving I had for food, especially sweet foods. It is
very relaxing using EasyacuSlim and very easy to use. I lost 5lb in four weeks
quite easily. I am now getting into the habit of having medium meal servings
of good foods."
 Michelle Rowan  Panorama 

“The results have been far beyond my expectations. I just feel that ‘something’ has been ‘turned on’ in my system that had never worked properly before. Craving for sweet foods, chocolates, ice cream etc. has been considerably diminished. Have lost 17 kg in 8 weeks.”
 Kimberley Latkin  Melbourne

“Whilst using the EasyacuSlim with a sensible eating plan I lost an average of 1kg a week. I found the unit easy to use anywhere, anytime. Another bonus was a sense of well being.”
Diana Hopewater  Ridgehaven

“My appetite was controlled very easily while using the EASYACUSLIM and I would recommend it.”
Janice Smithfield  New York State

“I have used the EasyacuSlim for the past month. During this time I have lost 4 kg in weight. The easyacuSlim was easy to use and I would recommend it for the majority of people who wish to lose weight with minimum of effort.”
 John Hopkins  Surrey Downs

“I was overweight and suffering with high blood pressure. Using the EasyacuSlim I lost 11kg in three months. I feel healthier and look great. EasyacuSlim works for me.”
 Simin Babini  Plympton Park

“I have always found it hard to lose weight having tried so many diets and weight loss programs without success. I am pleased to say in the eight weeks of using EasyacuSlim I have lost 5 kg and feel so much better.”
Jane Dawson   Burnside

“The best results occurred after two weeks of daily use.”
 Angela G


As part of your ordering process you must fill in the box below to how you heard of EASYACUSLIM!

Please write the name of the newspaper or magazine where you saw our advert.
If you received a letter or email please state order reference code from that letter/email.
If recommended by a friend; please write friend.

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